for a marketer Here are five tips to help you pick the right one. SEARCHING is the first step LISTENING to look forward What you already know is worth something. We learn as much from failure as from success. look BACKWARD to break rules Other people put them in place. Other people benefit from keeping them there. DON'T BE AFRAID your risk Marketing is an investment. Seek someone who will earn you a return. BUT MANAGE be creative It's good to work with someone who's smarter than their phone. AND ABOVE ALL individuals If I've captured your attention, give me a call. I CREATE MARKETING FOR
I specialize inweb designcopywritingbranding & advertisingsearch engine optimizationcontagious social mediarunning in the desert as Darth Vader

Many people excel in one discipline. Having someone on your team who excels in many… well, that’s unusual. But that’s what I do. So you get an entire advertising agency, without the overhead.

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If you don’t


how are you supposed to market anything?




During my 25 years in marketing and advertising, I’ve never seen so much opportunity for self-employed professionals. Every advantage enjoyed by the big brands is being eroded by the equalization paradigm of social media.

As a marketer, I am challenging, dynamic, inspiring and disruptive. If you’re looking to defend your turf, I’m not your guy.

If you’re looking to build market share – or, better still, a market – we should talk.

My Marketing Philosophy: Be Honest, Have Fun

Crypto Briefing

Crypto Briefing

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The heart of my work
Branding And Advertising

Branding And Advertising

Creating from scratch
Contagious Social Media

Contagious Social Media

Creating contagious content

This Is What I Do

I Also Sing , He Lied

In the ’90s I was one of the most successful copywriters in London, amassing more awards than the entire staff of any other agency in 1999 – including the Periodical Publishers’ Association B2B Ad of the Year.

I’ve built brands and campaigns for Rolls-Royce, Guinness, Pizza Hut, Aspen Skiing Co., Sun Microsystems, and dozens more. You can still see half a dozen examples of my P&G work on supermarket shelves, from Ivory and Mr. Clean to Cascade and Febreze.

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing. I’ve designed and built over 100 websites on the WordPress platform in the last three years – I’m fast, efficient, and as responsive as my sites.

As a personal challenge, I launched a digital media outlet in my town of 100,000 people: within two years it was the 69th most-engaged Facebook community page in the world, with a million impressions per month.

SEO is not a bolt-on option, like a spoiler on a ’97 Civic. If it isn’t built into the fabric of your entire digital communication strategy, paying for SEO ‘services’ is a complete waste of your time and money.

As well as owning five businesses myself, I was the Director of Marketing & Content at one of the most ambitious start-up weeks in the country. I’m a specialist in helping new concepts and companies get off the ground – I wrote the first marketing pieces for AeroGrow, edited the first scripts for Bob The Builder, and I’m currently working on a new startup that could change the world. Really.

Marketing is a science as well as an art. Generating quantifiable results and measuring the efficacy of my work to provide incremental gains is simply a part of the discipline.

My experiences in infomercial creation and direct marketing have been instrumental in creating shopping experiences that work for both the customer and the client. I build to sell.

From catalogs to casinos and ski resorts, I’ve managed hundreds of direct mail and marketing campaigns – including an email that resulted in $675,000 in sales in less than four hours.

As well as writing commercials and infomercials, I’ve directed a few too. And even voiced a couple!

As a speaker, I am challenging, dynamic, inspiring, and disruptive. If you’re looking for that one presentation that every single attendee at your conference says they’re glad they saw, that’s the one I delivered.

I Start With Listening, Not Talking

Experience Without (Much) Ego

When we meet, you might expect me to sell you something. I won’t. I choose my clients with incredible care. Your commitment to your business growth is something I want to know about. Not just the amount of money you have available, but the amount of time, energy, and passion.

And more important still – do you have the capacity to let me do my job? Once we’ve decided on a direction, can you let me run, far and fast? Clients who micromanage are less profitable, less successful, and less fun.

So as I say, I won’t sell you anything. I’ll listen, and if there’s a meeting of the minds, we may be able to do business. Seem fair?

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It's free, did I mention that?

Never judge someone by the opinion of others.

(Except now.)

Kurt BrewerPeter DolphinErin BallingDominic MillsScott ConverseGreg EllisJim DarrochMartha LanaghenJohn LangfordMorice MendozaDavid KemnerBrad JohnsonPaul FairbankClaire PattisonSuzanne KirkJohn DentonBeth Furman
Jon is a social media genius and has done wonders for promoting my business and so many others. You want metrics? This is the marketing firm for the digital age.
Kurt Brewer
Principle, Brewer Law Firm
Jonathan is without question one of the finest creatives I have ever worked with, and I have no qualms about recommending him as one of a very few experts able to generate consistently compelling branding campaigns.
Peter Dolphin
CEO, Monster Worldwide (Europe)
I have been impressed with the professionalism, quick response to questions and problems, and sense of humor. A fantastic job bringing our website into the 21st Century!
Erin Balling
Marketing Specialist, Visit Longmont
Jon's work was not only effective, but also displayed an outstanding visual and verbal flair. In my opinion, his creative work raised standards across the industry as a whole.
Dominic Mills
Editorial Director, CAMPAIGN Magazine / Haymarket Business Publishing
In the past I have worked as an executive in several Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Paramount Pictures and Motorola, as well as founded (and sold) my own companies. During these travels I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. Jon fits in among those I would call extraordinary.
Scott Converse
Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
Jon provided outstanding support through social media – advising our own efforts, as well as helping us to boost new posts on Facebook. The visibility and action were excellent.
Greg Ellis
Partner, Ellis Bottom-Line Bookkeeping
As a result of Jon's creative talent, organizational abilities, and inspired leadership, enjoyed the most profitable period in its 33-year existence and I personally had the most fun I've ever had while receiving financial compensation.
Jim Darroch
Chief Copywriter,
Very responsive and helpful. I also really appreciated the unique and creative approach to website design. Definitely recommended!
Martha Lanaghen
Marketing, STEAM Fest
I can state without reservation that Jon is one of a handful of professionals who possesses exceptional knowledge and skill in creating effective campaigns... his contributions to our company are greatly missed.
John Langford
Chairman, TCS Advertising
I know Jon to be someone of exceptional ability, and who is utterly committed to producing the highest quality of work in his field.
Morice Mendoza
Editor, Human Resources International
Jon was able to take my conceptual ideas along with brief descriptions about myself and tailor a website that suited my needs perfectly. To say that he is very personable and fun to work with would be an understatement.
David Kemner
Founder, FORCE 22
Jon gathered detailed input regarding my business offering and goals. He took this information and transformed my company image into a presence worthy of a much larger company.
Brad Johnson
CEO, Common Cents Energy
As someone who has worked with a variety of agencies, I have no hesitation in recommending Jon as the UK's leading expert on employer branding.
Paul Fairbank
President, Quorum International
Jon is strong creatively, but his added value is his ability to relate well to the customer on a very informal basis, getting close enough to really understand their needs and the politics of the situation. He has great perception and understanding.
Claire Pattison
Head of Human Resources, Pearl Assurance
I would recommend Jon as an asset to any agency in any country. His originality of thought and ability to communicate these thoughts is a very rare talent indeed.
Suzanne Kirk
Managing Director, RED Advertising
Thank you for your excellent work... the response has been outstanding and we are delighted that these inaugural awards have been so successful. (In response to chairing the Judging Panel at the KPMG Consulting business advertising awards.)
John Denton
Managing Partner, KPMG Consulting (London)
In addition to his unique creative abilities, Jon was a highly-respected department manager. I found him extremely sensitive to others' needs - if her were ever to move back to the East Coast, I'd love to work with him in some capacity.
Beth Furman
VP Business Development,

A quarter of a century in just over 25 slides.