Unpredictable, unusual
and unique

When my company was offered the opportunity to become the online distributor of a new essential oil extraction device, I saw a great opportunity to create a consistent and creative brand that reinforced the qualities of the product.

Although the device never reached its potential, the branding and advertising aspect of the work was of the highest quality.

Unusually, I delegated (and oversaw) the written work in this instance and devoted my energies to the website and graphic design.

Brand Name
Subtle and involving
Given that a large percentage of buyers were expected to use the extraction device for cannabis, I chose The Herbal Companion as a name to subtly reflect the active ingredient in that particular weed. (Read the capital letters!)
Color Palette
Consistent and bright
The color palette was chosen to reflect the various uses of essential oils. Contrasting darks and lights within the same hues meant that the e-book and website were engaging and not overly-full of white space, which was vital when presenting over 100 pieces of content.
Extracts 101
A 50,000 word e-book
To ensure exceptional SEO - and to educate visitors - I created a comprehensive e-book to disseminate through partner channels, built from posts on the THC blog.
Media Channels
Impulse buyers
Testing revealed that many potential buyers would purchase while enjoying their favorite herbal essences. To provide truly instant gratification I created a one-click commerce site, with traffic driven by funny or thoughtful posts on Twitter.
Case Study: The Herbal Companion
This was an interesting project, not least because although I have no interest in marijuana consumption personally, the legal framework was fascinating. The product here was a market-defining device that the manufacturers wished to sell directly to consumers as well as through retailers. I advised them that Federal regulations would prohibit the sale of their device if they were to market it for the purposes of extracting oils from marijuana, but pointed out that a third-party distributor could potentially sell into legal markets. I signed a contract to form that distribution and marketing company. The site I developed would only accept orders from those states that had fully-legalized cannabis consumption - at the time, Colorado and Washington.
The development of the brand, the creation of the original content, the execution into numerous social media channels, and the entire digital commerce site with partner vendors - everything was accomplished in three months. And then the manufacturer decided to sell direct after all. Oh well, onto the next thing...
Brand Development & Execution
Client:The Herbal Companion
Role:Creative Director, Designer, Web Development
Read The E-Book:Extracts 101