World-class copywriting
for exceptional clients

What’s my definition of an ‘exceptional client’?

A client.

Every single one is exceptional to me, because every single one predicates their own business success on providing something exceptional to their clients.

So when we work together, expect these three things: I will be honest, I will take nothing for-granted, and I will help you to express the unique qualities that make your business extraordinary.

A remarkable year
In 1999 I personally won more awards for copywriting than the combined creative departments of any other agency in the UK, including the Business to Business Ad of the Year (print division).
A thousand voices, all different
My work is defined by my ability to not merely SOUND like you, but to BE you. I've written novels, ads, educational courses, investigative articles - in fact, I haven't yet found a voice I can't perfect.
A client roster you'll recognize
Walmart, Microsoft, Ford, Exxon Mobil, BMW, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Aspen Skiing Company - I've been privileged to work with some of the biggest and brightest in the world.
When incremental gains aren't enough
I've shifted the needle a few points for big clients - and a few thousand points for smaller ones. I enjoy creating things, and small businesses and startups play to my truly creative strengths.
Case Study: Aspen Skiing Co.
Around 2004, Aspen started to notice a worrying trend. Simply put, it was becoming less cool. Snowboarders who had been banned from Aspen Mountain weren't returning. The new extreme athletic culture was bypassing the town, and young people with high disposable income were heading elsewhere. As head of the DM agency that handled Aspen/Snowmass, I was tasked with writing and overseeing the design for a fundamentally new look and attitude.
Nice Touches
Aspen and Vail vie with one another to remain the country's most expensive ski resort (Aspen publishes lift prices late, to stay on top!) In this brochure I made a couple of subtle digs at Vail (as requested), such as "When we talk about Main Street, we don't mean I-70" and "If we were easy to get to, we'd be a thinly-veiled version of a real ski town". All of the 'Insider Tips' are real - including the one about the Raise The Roof Party, which took place in my backyard, and the invitation to visit Chris at Campo di Fiore - am I disclosing too much when I mention that every time a tourist mentioned that, he bought me a Margarita?
Direct Mail & Resort Brochure
Client:Aspen Skiing Co.
Role:Copywriter / Creative Director
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