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2018 Blockchain / AI Summit Media of the Year

Crypto Briefing exists to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into mainstream life.

As a true believer in the potential for economic empowerment, data sovereignty, experiments with social governance, and financial inclusion, I co-founded Crypto Briefing in 2017 with a mission to bring transparency and truth to the media landscape.


All Organic
Over 7M Users
With up to 80,000 page views per day, Crypto Briefing became one of the world's top blockchain publications - with no paid marketing, and without accepting ads or sponsored stories.
Trusted And True
Transparency In An Opaque Business
At the time I co-founded Crypto Briefing, the industry was rife with misinformation, shills, influencers and con-artists. We put business and journalistic ethics first.
Global Syndication
Partnerships Abound
Featured on Bloomberg's Terminal; Google News; Apple News; the only default news source in Blockfolio, Delta, and CoinMarketCap; NASDAQ; FXStreet; NewsNow - and dozens more.
World-Class Work
Awarded 'Best Media Outlet' at one of the largest emerging tech conferences in the world, the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit; Runner-up at Devcon IV's Dapp Awards in 2018.

As well as co-founding the publication, I served as Managing Editor for two years – and built the website, created the brand, designed most of the imagery (I’ve always believed news stories are more interesting when the image contributes to the reader’s understanding), and created the majority of our social media posts.

Ian M. Worrall, Founder of MyBitMo Dong, Founder of Celer NetworkRemington Ong, Partner at Fenbushi CapitalJudy Yan, Managing Director of DHVCAndrew Blechman, JournalistBruce Li, Founder of NKNAlicia Nieva-Woodgate, Head of Comms at Western Union
Hey - just wanted to say you're one of the best writers I've seen in the crypto industry and Crypto Briefing is my new favourite media site. Keep up the great work.
Ian M. Worrall, Founder of MyBit
We really enjoyed the deep conversation on technology and crypto economics with the Crypto Briefing team. Thank you for the advice and feedback!
Mo Dong, Founder of Celer Network
We were doing diligence on some projects to invest in when we came across Crypto Briefing. We found their reports to be very independent and objective analysis. They really go the extra mile with the code reviews and the ongoing progress reports beyond just the fundraising stage. That continued diligence is very important for our industry.
Remington Ong, Partner at Fenbushi Capital
As an early-stage blockchain investor, I use Crypto Briefing because it cuts through the noise. It’s the most professional research content available for the crypto investor.
Judy Yan, Managing Director of DHVC
I go to Crypto Briefing when I’m looking for content I can believe in. They care about what they’re doing and they’re not compromised, in terms of their integrity. It doesn’t feel like they’ve sold out to sponsors. My background is actually in journalism, so I really appreciate what they do.
Andrew Blechman, Journalist
I really enjoyed CryptoBriefing under your editorial leadership! In the age of lazy, incompetent and downright corrupt crypto media, you and your team shines through and provide quality journalism that we can trust and rely on.
Bruce Li, Founder of NKN
Sorry to see you go... I will miss your insightful and meticulous coverage,
Alicia Nieva-Woodgate, Head of Comms at Western Union
A Passion For Tech, Finance, And Social Benefit
In 2017 I read an essay by Ben Yu on the history of money, and the emergence of cryptocurrency. While I had been interested in economics earlier in life - I spent a year majoring in the subject - I was sidetracked by advertising and marketing. This essay reignited my interest: I had found my passion at the intersection of emerging tech, economic empowerment, startup culture, and societal good.
A Chance Meeting
I met my co-founder, Han, in a Telegram group - we decided to create a media company to share the research we were performing on early-stage blockchain companies, and a week later I had built the first version of the Crypto Briefing website. Within a month we had enough content to launch, and within six months we were one of the most influential media outlets in the crypto space, renowned for creating objective news stories, informed opinions, and independent research. We raised $2M in seed money from some of the top blockchain funds in the industry, and as Han developed the research side of the business I grew the media company - eventually taking us to syndication worldwide, and building partnerships with the most important players in cryptocurrency - such as Binance, CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko, Blockfolio, CryptoCompare, and dozens more. I'm particularly proud of the exceptional team of writers and journalists I hired and trained at Crypto Briefing: I expect them to go on to do great things in our industry.
Audience:7 million+ over two years
My Role:Co-founder, Editor, Writer, Designer, Web
Please note:
Current iteration of the website was created after my tenure. I oversaw content until October 26th, 2019.