Best practices in design and SEO

Your website is the hub of your digital universe as a business. You may have more followers on Instagram, more friends on Facebook, and they sometimes seem like easier places to do business.

But the fact is, like a cross-country traveler stopping at the same three chain restaurants from New York to Los Angeles, your audience always returns to the familiar and the safe: three simple letters, that reassure them that you’re serious, you’re real, and you’re available.


(Personally I feel that “nine syllables” sounds more complicated.)

Good design
Focus on the user
What you want to say is important. What the user wants to hear is more important. The more quickly and easily the user can access the information or functionality they need, the less likely they are to abandon your site and find a competitor. It sounds logical, but check out your own competition - are they doing it?
Great SEO
Really, really great search engine optimization
If your website is your audience's destination, SEO is how they get there. As a content marketer I adopt both the technical principles of professional on-page SEO, and a proactive approach to off-site marketing. My background in copywriting makes some search engines Googly-eyed at my semantic specialities.
Supporting services
No website is an island
Linking to social media is easy. Updating social media is hard. I generate content for my clients that consistently drives traffic to their site - but that's just one part of the puzzle. What about your webmaster tools? Analytics? Google My Business claim? Bing? Why not Yelp? (Ask, I'd love to spread the word.) I plant your website's roots deep, so that it can grow organically.
Updates and fixes
What happens when...?
Websites break. It's a fact of life, partly based on the reality that WordPress (like every other software package) is regularly updated to keep it safe from hackers. I perform regular core and plugin updates, and I can be commissioned to provide content updates or product training. Your site's safety and longevity are priorities to me.
Case Study: Southern MO Homes & Farms
I found the owners of this growing real estate business to be exactly the kind of people I like to work with over the long-term. Committed, willing to learn, focused on their goals - this gave me enormous confidence that they would take full advantage of my most comprehensive marketing services. From developing the company name to creating the logo, the website, the messaging, the advertising and - going forward - partnering with them in recruiting agents, this project has been fulfilling both personally and professionally.
Strategic Plans
The real estate business is, of course, hyper-competitive. How does one small business force its way into the public consciousness and grow tenfold in two years? That was the question, and exceptional SEO was the answer. This entire site was designed for the search engines, with emphasis on using the IDX engine to power exact-match address URL's which many competitors ignore. Within six months the site was ranking in the top 10 for the primary search term, and in the top 40 for 'Missouri Homes'. I expect to see great progress by the beginning of 2018!
Client:Southern Missouri Homes & Farms
Role:Creative Director, Copywriter, Web Designer